Personal Injury Law in Ripon, WI

 Sometimes things happen that we have no control over. It may occur slowly or over the course of decades, like when a husband and wife grow apart; other times, it happens in the blink of an eye, such as a slip and fall in the produce aisle or a collision at an intersection. However a life change has happened for you, chances are it will require the services of a dedicated attorney who can protect your rights, assets and best interests. Lud Wurtz is an experienced attorney who will stand by you when you need it most.

Traffic law

Everyone has had a situation where they have violated a traffic regulation. When cited the question becomes how will this impact my future Call Wurtz Law Office LLC in Ripon, WI and we'll do everything in our power to ensure that your future roads are paved with a clear conscience and a clean record.

Intestate is a bad state

"Intestate" is not some obscure place on the US map you never heard of. It refers to when someone passes without having a will, and it's not a place you or anyone you love should be. 
Writing a will doesn't have to be complicated or costly with the help of Wurtz Law Office LLC. Think of us when you are ready to establish power of attorney, guardianship, or if you have to go through the probate process.  Everyone should have a current Durable Power of Attorney for financial and medical purposes, and a Last Will and Testament.

Injury, yes; insult, no

So you got rear-ended on your morning commute, or tripped over a hose in your neighbor's yard. Your pride is hurt more than anything, right? Not necessarily.

Even a seemingly minor injury can have lasting effects down the line. Even if you've picked yourself up and dusted yourself off, call Wurtz Law Office LLC right away to make sure your medical bills and lost wages, if any, are covered!

If it matters to you, it matters to us

Your children mean everything to you, and now that your marriage is ending, your spouse is trying to limit your access to them, or take them away from you altogether.

At Wurtz Law Office LLC, we will do everything within our power, and within the letter of the law, to help you hammer out a child custody arrangement that is fair and beneficial to all parties, especially the children.

Experience Counts.  Call Attorney Wurtz.
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